Why regrip your golf clubs?

Reasons to regrip your golf clubs

The fundamental reason to regrip your golf clubs is to improve your golf game. Similar to tyres on your car, worn tyres slip and traction on the road is reduced. Golf grips are the same, worn slick golf grips reduce in traction between your hands and the golf club grip. This causes you to tighten your hold on the golf club which tightens the muscles in your arms and leads to a restricted tight golf swing. New golf grips enable you to hold the golf club lighter and swing more freely.

Choosing the right golf club grip is an important decision, because it is the only part of the golf club that is in contact with the body. All the power from impact is transferred into your hands via the golf grip. For this reason it is important to choose a golf grip which is right for you. Each one of our golf grips offers a different feel and shock absorption properties. The golf grip can be the source of the golfers confidence and control.

The most cost effective and quickest way to shave shots off your handicap is to fit a new set of funkd golf grips. Regripping golf clubs yourself is a simple DIY task – for more information visit our FREE guide on how to regrip a golf club.

Nick Bamber