What is Golf Grip (core) Size?

What is Golf Grip (core) Size?

This is a really complex question, and quite frankly, unless you are a handicap 10 or below i personally would not worry too much about it, as most grips are either 0.58 or 0.60 in diameter and will fit most modern shafts with out any bother.

Golf grip core size is essentially the internal diameter of the grip. You should match the external diameter of your golf shafts with the internal diameter of the golf grip to ensure you get a true “standard” fitting. Sometimes club manufacturers and PGA professionals call the end of the golf shaft a “BUTT”. And the grip internal diameter is often referred to as “GRIP MOUTH”.

So, if you have a shaft with an external diameter of 0.58, you should go with a 0.58 grip size – if you use 1 layer of sticky tape then this is the perfect standard golf grip size.

Likewise, if you have a shaft of 0.60 external diameter, then you need a golf grip with a 0.60 size to ensure you get a standard size grip.

What happens if i fit the wrong grip size?

If you fit a 0.58 grip on a 0.60 core shaft, the grip will feel slightly fatter than standard.  When i say slightly, i really do mean slightly and the average golfer would not really notice, since the feel of brand new grips would be alien enough to begin with.

How do i know my shaft external diameter?

The easiest way to know your shaft external diameter, is to search for your shaft in google.  For example, lets say I use a Dynamic Golf Parallel S300 (common steel shaft in club manufacturers) in my irons (which i do by the way). A simple search in Google yields this page: http://www.truetemper.com/products/dynamic-gold/

On this page, it clearly shows me that the PARALLEL IRONS S300 has a external diameter (AKA Butt) of .600″. Therefore i would need a .60 (or 0.60) grip core size to ensure i had a perfect fit.