Understanding Golf Grip Thickness

Golf Grip Thickness

Probably the question asked most of the time by amateurs who want their clubs re-gripping is “What grip thickness should I use?”.

Fews ways to answer this question:

1. The simplest (handicap 10 or more). Golf Glove Size

Most grip manufacturers (Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn, etc) along with many fellow PGA professionals suggest matching Grip Thickness with glove size. The table below gives a really quick guide to help you.  This should be sufficient for most golfers handicap 10 or higher.

Glove Size Grip Size
Men’s X-Large/Cadet XL and above Midsize (+ 2 layers of tape) to Jumbo
Men’s Large/Cadet L Midsize
Men’s Medium-Large/Cadet ML Standard (+2 layers tape) to Midsize
Men’s Small / Cadet M Standard
Men’s Small / Cadet Small Undersize / ladies grip

2. What feels good?

If you can, go to the golf range with your clubs and take some other clubs (from your pro, friend or retailer) and try hitting some balls with different thicknesses of golf grip. You will soon find a thickness that feels the best.

3. Most complex (Handicap 5 or better). Matched to your typical shot shape

The reason this is the most complex is because it demands a consistent shop pattern, which is not normally the case for mid to high handicap golfers.  Scratch golfers always hit a consistent shot type.  If you hit a little draw, then a fatter grip can help you straighten the shot out by making your quieter during the release.


Remember these are just a guide and some tips i have learnt fitting 1000’s of grips during my PGA career. There is no right way of choosing the correct grip thickness – its mainly a “feel  thing”, so the best option is to use the rough guide on your glove size and test a few different thicknesses.


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