How to regrip a golf club

How to regrip golf clubs – Re-gripping is an easy DIY task


Watch our guide to help re-grip your golf clubs

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Regripping golf clubs with your new golf grips is a straight forward DIY task. All you need is the following instruction guide: ‘how to regrip a golf club’ and the following items.

  • Golf grip tape – available from our online shop
  • White spirits / mild solvent – not supplied – buy from your local Asda for around £1.
  • Open air space – not supplied (ha ha) but required for safe practice
  • Craft knife – not supplied – ideally with a hooked blade
  • Rubber Vice Clamp – not supplied – to protect your shafts from the vice – available from our online shop
  • Vice and work bench (optional and not supplied)

If you cannot download these instructions and/or would like a copy emailed – please email with the following title in the subject: how to regrip a golf club. You will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document.

How much do PGA professionals charge to regrip golf clubs?

If you are not DIY inclined, please take your new golf club grips to your nearest PGA golf professional who will fit them for a small charge usually around £2-£3/club – anymore than that is ridiculous and your being ripped off.

Nick Bamber, PGA Professional