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Choosing grip size

Help and advice on choosing the correct golf grip size

Choosing the correct golf grip size is a very important decision. Too thick and it may cause shots to leak right, too thin and it may cause shots to go left.
The correct grip size allows you to set the club properly at the top of the backswing. If the grip is too small, it may result in too much hand action and cause the club face to close prematurely during the downswing. Likewise is true for a grip that is too fat. It may cause the club head to open up at impact.

Choosing the correct core size. 0.58 or 0.60?

A common question – what does 0.60 and 0.58 mean? Basically this is the size of the internal diameter of the golf grip to ensure it fits and matches the golf shaft to give a standard size.

Golf grips have an inside diameter of 0.58 and 0.60 (Most modern mens clubs bought after 2006 tend to be 0.60) to fit different size golf shafts. Some golf grips have an internal diameter of 0.62 but this is very uncommon. Ladies grips have an internal diameter of 0.56 – although this is changing to 0.58 on most modern ladies golf clubs (bought after 2006).

If you fit a different core size on to a different size shaft you can alter the thickness of the grip – which will effect your golf.  See our table below to help you get the correct grip size or contact our PGA Pro for help.

Grip Size0.580.580.600.60
Shaft Butt Size0.580.600.580.60
Standard0-2 layers tape0
+1/641 layer tape03 layers tape1 layer tape
+1/323 layers tape1 layer tape5 layers tape3 layers tape
+1/166 layers tape4 layers tape8 layers tape6 layers tape

You can select your grip size to help you with swing errors and faults (see tips below). We offer a full range of different golf grips in different sizes to suit your needs. We also offer everything you need to regrip yourself; golf grip tape, rubber vice clamp and a FREE guide to fitting your new golf grips.

Nick Bamber, PGA Professional

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