What is Golf Grip (core) Size?

What is Golf Grip (core) Size?

This is a really complex question, and quite frankly, unless you are a handicap 10 or below i personally would not worry too much about it, as most grips are either 0.58 or 0.60 in diameter and will fit most modern shafts with out any bother.

Golf grip core size is essentially the internal diameter of the grip. You should match the external diameter of your golf shafts with the internal diameter of the golf grip to ensure you get a true “standard” fitting. Sometimes club manufacturers and PGA professionals call the end of the golf shaft a “BUTT”. And the grip internal diameter is often referred to as “GRIP MOUTH”.

So, if you have a shaft with an external diameter of 0.58, you should go with a 0.58 grip size – if you use 1 layer of sticky tape then this is the perfect standard golf grip size.

Likewise, if you have a shaft of 0.60 external diameter, then you need a golf grip with a 0.60 size to ensure you get a standard size grip.

What happens if i fit the wrong grip size?

If you fit a 0.58 grip on a 0.60 core shaft, the grip will feel slightly fatter than standard.  When i say slightly, i really do mean slightly and the average golfer would not really notice, since the feel of brand new grips would be alien enough to begin with.

How do i know my shaft external diameter?

The easiest way to know your shaft external diameter, is to search for your shaft in google.  For example, lets say I use a Dynamic Golf Parallel S300 (common steel shaft in club manufacturers) in my irons (which i do by the way). A simple search in Google yields this page: http://www.truetemper.com/products/dynamic-gold/

On this page, it clearly shows me that the PARALLEL IRONS S300 has a external diameter (AKA Butt) of .600″. Therefore i would need a .60 (or 0.60) grip core size to ensure i had a perfect fit.

Understanding Golf Grip Thickness

Golf Grip Thickness

Probably the question asked most of the time by amateurs who want their clubs re-gripping is “What grip thickness should I use?”.

Fews ways to answer this question:

1. The simplest (handicap 10 or more). Golf Glove Size

Most grip manufacturers (Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn, etc) along with many fellow PGA professionals suggest matching Grip Thickness with glove size. The table below gives a really quick guide to help you.  This should be sufficient for most golfers handicap 10 or higher.

Glove Size Grip Size
Men’s X-Large/Cadet XL and above Midsize (+ 2 layers of tape) to Jumbo
Men’s Large/Cadet L Midsize
Men’s Medium-Large/Cadet ML Standard (+2 layers tape) to Midsize
Men’s Small / Cadet M Standard
Men’s Small / Cadet Small Undersize / ladies grip

2. What feels good?

If you can, go to the golf range with your clubs and take some other clubs (from your pro, friend or retailer) and try hitting some balls with different thicknesses of golf grip. You will soon find a thickness that feels the best.

3. Most complex (Handicap 5 or better). Matched to your typical shot shape

The reason this is the most complex is because it demands a consistent shop pattern, which is not normally the case for mid to high handicap golfers.  Scratch golfers always hit a consistent shot type.  If you hit a little draw, then a fatter grip can help you straighten the shot out by making your quieter during the release.


Remember these are just a guide and some tips i have learnt fitting 1000’s of grips during my PGA career. There is no right way of choosing the correct grip thickness – its mainly a “feel  thing”, so the best option is to use the rough guide on your glove size and test a few different thicknesses.


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My PGA top 10 grip tips

Top 10 re-grip tips

If you hit the golf ball with slice spin (RH golfer), regrip your golf clubs with thinner / undersize grips, as this will encourage your hands to work quicker through impact.

If you hit the golf ball with hook spin to the left ( RH golfer ), re-grip your golf clubs with thicker / oversize golf grips, as this will encourage your hands to work slower through impact.

Make your golf grips oversize by adding extra layers of grip tape rather than buying midsize grips therefore you can get the perfect size.

Make your golf grips undersize by stretching your golf grips over grip tape. For advanced club fitters only, this method enables you to thin out standard sized golf grips so you can get he perfect size.

Make your golf grips oversize by adding extra layers of grip tape rather than buying midsize grips therefore you can get the perfect size.

Use the same style / model and size of golf grip for both woods and irons to maintain a consistent feel and size throughout the set.

In wet weather you may want to consider cord golf grips like our Combi™ or Revolution™ Cord. Or if you can keep your golf towel dry our Funky Golf Grips™ are very sticky when rubbed dry – especially if using a leather golf glove.

Serious golfers who play regularly should regrip their golf clubs at least once a year, preferably at the beginning of the season to give them the best chance of shooting their best scores.

You can not cover up worn slick golf grips with a leather golf glove alone. Leather golf gloves offer the best stick and traction when combined with new golf grips.

SAVE MONEY – Changing your golf grips makes your golf clubs feel brand new again, and is often a lot cheaper than buying a new set of clubs. Buying grips in bulk (9 or 13 or more) results in bigger savings.

Why regrip your golf clubs?

Reasons to regrip your golf clubs

The fundamental reason to regrip your golf clubs is to improve your golf game. Similar to tyres on your car, worn tyres slip and traction on the road is reduced. Golf grips are the same, worn slick golf grips reduce in traction between your hands and the golf club grip. This causes you to tighten your hold on the golf club which tightens the muscles in your arms and leads to a restricted tight golf swing. New golf grips enable you to hold the golf club lighter and swing more freely.

Choosing the right golf club grip is an important decision, because it is the only part of the golf club that is in contact with the body. All the power from impact is transferred into your hands via the golf grip. For this reason it is important to choose a golf grip which is right for you. Each one of our golf grips offers a different feel and shock absorption properties. The golf grip can be the source of the golfers confidence and control.

The most cost effective and quickest way to shave shots off your handicap is to fit a new set of funkd golf grips. Regripping golf clubs yourself is a simple DIY task – for more information visit our FREE guide on how to regrip a golf club.

Nick Bamber